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All of our dogs have been DNA health tested for genetic diseases and we use PennHIP or OFA for hip testing. 


Lucy, our first generation Bernedoodle, is the definition of goofball herself. Weighing in at 80lbs of cuteness and having no clue what personal space means, she has the ability to melt your heart in seconds. You will instantly become her best friend if you start petting her, but careful, once you start... you can't stop! DOB : July 17 2020



Molly, our 60lbs first generation Bernedoodle (Lucy's sister), is by far the sweetest pup you'll ever meet. She is our old soul mama. So sweet, so calm, with so much love to give! She is very gentle, and considerate of others. She loves a good relaxing night, cuddling on the couch! DOB : March 6, 2021



Daisy is our 75lbs purebred Bernese Moutain dog. She is a dream of a dog! We often say she has the whole package, because she really does! Such a sweet, super calm, cuddly girl. Everyone who meets her say how perfect she is, and we couldn't be more in love with her! We are also very happy to say she scored much better than average for her breed on her PennHip evaluation, which is considered as excellent!
DOB : October 27, 2021



Penny is our newest addition. She is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain dog, all the way from Pennsylvania. She comes from 2 fully health tested parents (genetic, hips, elbows, heart, eyes, thyroid). Penny is a perfect example of her breed : sweet as pie, very goofy and cuddly.. what else could you ask for? 

Penny has passed her hip exam with flying colors through PennHIP, and we couldn't be happier! She is expected to have puppies at the end of 2024/early 2025.  

DOB : February 10, 2023



Bodhi is our 33lbs purebred phantom merle Poodle. He is a stunning boy with an even better personality! He is calm, charming, loves cuddles, will do anything to please (especially for his mama), and is oh so smart! Bodhi lives in a guardian home and is living his best life with an Aussidoodle sister! Bodhi also has great hips (tested through PennHIP)
DOB : April 27, 2022



Oreo is our 55lbs blue merle Standard Poodle. His looks match his personality: Amazing!! He is such a smart, playful, sweet boy, and loves his guardian family SO much! He will cuddle you for hours if you let him, and has such a cute, quirky personality. Oreo also exceeded our expectations with his PennHIP results and we couldn't be happier! DOB : June 3, 2022



Wellington is our 55lbs, brindle pointed phantom Standard Poodle. He is the sweetest, most joyful boy you'll ever meet. He loves life so much, and it's absolutely adorable to see! He will make you laugh with the way he bunny hops when he's happy. His favorite things are cuddles (seriously, he's a velcro when it comes to cuddles) and walks in the woods. 

DOB : August 31st 2020



Our moms live with us, and are treated like family. We love to bring them on walks/hikes whenever we go, but they also enjoy a good cuddling session on the couch, especially with our kids. Our mamas are our priority, and our goal is to make sure they are living their best life! 

Our dogs: Our dogs
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